Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sherrod Brown Takes Credit for Rewarding Failure

It is official Federal policy to reward failure and punish success. Here is the latest headline form Ohio:

Ohio gets $148 million to help unemployed keep their homes

Great. If your mortgage is in trouble and you want government assistance, get rid of your job. You have to fail to succeed in this environment.

As for Sherrod Brown, he wants some of the credit for reqarding failure:

Sen. Sherrod Brown said in a statement that "Ohio's cities have been on the frontline of the foreclosure crisis for over a decade and should have all the resources necessary to rebuild our communities.''

"These homeowners and communities deserve more assistance than they have been receiving (from the federal government) and today the federal government is giving it to them,'' Brown said.
"Deserve more assistance????" What have the done to "deserve" more assistance other than to fail? What a moron.

I believe in helping those in need. But not through government. Government can be counted on to do so stupidly (all the wrong incentives), wastefully (bus loads of bureaucrats), and with a large helping of fraud on the side.

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