Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Missouri Voters Reject Obamacare

Missouri's Proposition C was adopted by an overwhelming 72% of the vote. Proposition C bans Missouri from forcing people to buy health care insurance. Since Obamacare is a federal law, it is not clear that the passage of the law is anything other than symbolic.

Here and here are reports on the voting.

Go here for more information about the ballot measure. Here is the full text of the measure.

Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi no doubt continue to be in denial mode. Clueless.

After the November election, Republicans should push for repeal. Let the Senate Democrats filibuster if the Republicans have a bare majority. Let the Democrats take that unpopular stand. Let President Obama veto the bill if it passes. Continue to push until after the 2012 elections, so the new Congressional majority can pass the repeal and the new president can sign it.

It is NO EXCUSE that the bill can't pass the Senate or that the President would veto. Push, push, push repeal until it CAN happen. Keep the momentum going. Make the Democrats support the unpopular Obamacare again and again. That should be the strategy.

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