Monday, August 16, 2010

Ground-Zero Mosque: Bad Idea for Moderate Muslims

I commend to you the excellent analysis of America' s attitude toward Islam in the Asian Times.

I, for one, am discomfited by organized Islam in America apparently failing to take any steps to condemn terrorist organisations such as Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas, and apparently failing to take and publicly announced steps to quell any stirrings of radical Islamists in the mosques of America.

The ground zero Mosque with its originally announced opening on September 11 seems clearly intended to be deliberately insulting to the memory of the Americans who died at the hands of radical Islamists on September 11, 2001. I, along with a majority of Americans, believe that the Mosque plans are ill-intended. The insult is intentional.

Even if they have a legal right to build there, it is clear that it is a bad move for all of Islam in America if -- and only if -- Islam in America is well-intentioned. The building of the controversial Mosque has stirred and will continue to stir anti-Muslim sentiment in America, because the mosque can only be viewed as defiantly anti-American. Is that what the builders really want? Do they really want tension between Muslims and non-Muslims in America. I think so.

Bad idea.

Never Forget.

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