Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Moron of the Day: Eric Holder

Today's Moron of the Day is United States Attorney General Eric Holder.  Not for his behavior in Congress over Fast and Furious, bad as that was.  Not for withholding hundreds of thousand of page of documents while claiming that he was cooperating with the subpoena requiring them.  Not for asking the President Obama to claim executive privilege on documents that do not actually involve the White House (we think).

No.  Eric Holder wins the coveted Moron of the Day award for not being able to tell the difference between  poll taxes and laws requiring voters to have proof of identification.  Yes, he actually said that requiring voter identification is like a poll tax.  He did.  See here.  The nations chief law enforcement officer wants more lawlessness at the voting booth, by making it easier for non-citizens to vote.

The truth is that Democrats want non-citizens to be able to vote, because they think non-citizens would vote for ... here it is ... Democrats.

Congratulations to Eric Holder to winning our Moron of the Day award.

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