Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Progressives: If You Think Conservatives are Evil, You Aren't Thinking

   This is a message to the progressive left.  I understand you.  I understand that you think that America is a rich country (although no longer the richest in the world) and therefore, the rich in the country should share with the poor.  I get that concept.  How very noble.  (Well, actually, it is not so noble, unless you are one of the rich.)    Maybe it is well-intended..
   News flash, conservatives and libertarians want the poor to get more money and have a path to wealth.  
The problem is that while giveaway entitlement programs help with a small handout today, they inhibit the long term prospects for the poor.  Why?  It teaches the poor the wrong skills.  It teaches them how to demand more public freebies, but dies not teach them to become more productive.  Workfare was a step in the right direction, but even that has serious problems.  Workfare taught the poor how to get around workfare requirements. 
   No government handout program creates a path to self generated wealth.  And wealth can only be self generated.  There is not enough government money even conceivable that can make the poor wealthy through unearned gifts.
   Conservatives and libertarians want the poor to have a real, achievable path to earned prosperity.
   Do you really think that evil?  Do you really think that conservatives and libertarians want children to starve?  If you think that, you need to seek help.  Really.
   The only path to legitimate prosperity is a mixture of hard work, ingenuity, focus, self discipline and some risk taking.  There is no legitimate path to prosperity by learning how to get more welfare benefits from government agencies.  
   If it is evil to want everyone to have an incentive to work hard and to gain a path to prosperity, and a disincentive to be on the public dole, then I plead guilty. 

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