Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"You Didn't Build That" Instant Replay

While it is not abundantly clear, I think the "You didn't build that," was awkwardly referring to a different antecedent: road and bridges.  When a good speaker uses a pronoun such as "that,"the antecedent is the closest preceding noun.  Barack Obama is not a good extemporaneous speaker.

Even if the intended antecedent was roads and bridges, the full context is really worse.  President Obama touts the role of government for successful businesses.  He says to business owners, you did not do it on your own.  Obama touts the role of local government infrastructure or local teachers taught the businessman (forgetting the private schools exist, too).  Even Obama can't tout the role of the Federal government as business helper.

Obama cannot conceive the reality that businesses succeed by, among other things, overcoming government hurdles.  Government drags down fledgling businesses.  Heavy regulation favors bigger, more established businesses who can afford the regulatory burden. The government is no friend to small business.

Government, especially the Federal government, tries, it seems, to block the success of small business.  Barry-the-socialist-at-heart lacks any understanding of that reality.

Don't just penalize Obama.  Make him forfeit the game.

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