Thursday, July 19, 2012

Obama's Incredibly Deceitful Campaign

The Obama campaign is accusing Mitt Romney of lying about what President Obama said about small business.  How dare Mitt Romney quote President Obama's actual words!  How dare Mitt Romney not use what the President now says he really meant to say and did say later (which, fully in context, means the same thing he said earlier).  See story here.  The president's further explanation means exactly the same thing he originally said in the speech.

We are talking about the Elizabeth Warren theory that the government is behind all business success. The theory is that the government spends money plundered taxed from its citizens to build infrastructure.  the problem with the theory is that ANYONE could use the infrastructure to build a business, but only a few do.  As to those who do build a business, Obama demeans them with the false notion that the government was somehow a partner.  In most cases today, a business must overcome many government roadblocks to succeed.  The government is an obstacle, not a partner.

Government is the reason more entrepreneurs don't succeed. Ask any entrepreneur of a past failed business trying to get back on his or her feet, but are shackled by the obligation to pay payroll taxes, liability for which  never go away and is not dischargeable in bankruptcy.  It is forever a bondage to the tax man.

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