Thursday, August 06, 2009

AARP Angers Members by Supporting So-Called Health Care Reform

AARP has never been a friend of conservatives. Here they show their incredible arrogance by closing down a meeting when they did not like what the members had to say. Watch it here:

Who is that witch anyway? Watch the witch pull the microphone while angry members keep going. And who is the dumb cluck who says he is an AARP volunteer? What a know-nothing! He thinks insurance companies are in the business of denying health care.

Contact AARP and tell them what you think about their representation of seniors.

Update: The town hall meeting took place in Dallas.

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The Funeral Guy said...

Good blogging on all this stuff, Conservatarian. I love the AARP video. What the hell was up with the Nurse Ratched that was running the meeting? I'm taking my mic and going home. What a lame.

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