Thursday, August 13, 2009

An Answer to Sen. McKaskill's Query

I have a grudging respect for Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO). She veered from the DNC talking points today by acknowlegding the truth: the angry Americans protesting hell care at town halls are real people, not insurance industry shills. She also took issue with Rep. David Scott (D-SC) saying that the anger over the proposals is not race based.

In her town hall gone viral, she says she can't understand the rudeness of the angry folks.

Let me try to explain it, Sen. McCaskill, because I believe you are an intelligent and reasonable person. The rudeness comes from anger, fear, and frustration, not at you necessarily, but at the system in Congress and the Obamaniacs' attempt to rush and railroad a very, very bad and dangerous bill through Congress. It is not simply another piece of bad legislation. It endangers our most precious health care freedom. It has 1018 pages of bad stuff that we know our representatives have not read. And if they read it, they have not understood all of it. Who could? It is too much. And it is jam-packed with very bad stuff.

This bill should never have gotten this far. We are frightened that we will be subjected to the poor health care of the many socialized medicine countries of Europe and of Canada. We fear the cost of these massive programs, especially now when both the public and private sectors are financially dying. If there were ever a good time for Obamacare, now is definitely not the time.

If you don't understand the rudeness, Ms. McCaskill, understand the depth and breadth of opposition that all the hell care plans in Congress have. Understand that if you support them, you may be a casualty of the electoral process at the next opportunity, because the opponents of Obamacare are not merely interested, they are passionate. The rudeness should be enough (and I sense it has been in your case) to persuade you just how real the passion is.

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