Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Support Will Fall for Health Care Reform Despite Obama Scripted "Town Halls"

President Obama is on the road trying to sell his health care programs that will destroy our health care freedom in the United States. Ed Morrisey opines that these sorts of heavily scripted town hall meetings by the President will not help:
First, anyone expecting a real town-hall forum to occur with Obama in attendance is deluding themselves. Even the press — even Helen Thomas — criticized Obama the last time he held a “town-hall meeting” on health care. Each of these three meetings will carefully screen attendees and get the questions in advance, to minimize embarrassment to Obama.

Beyond that, town-hall meetings won’t solve the problem of national rejection of ObamaCare. People want insurance reform, but they don’t want a government takeover of the system. The big problem is the legislation itself. If Obama wants to fix that, then he needs a meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, not the people of Bozeman and Portsmouth.
Meanwhile, public support continues to drop, as shown in the latest Rasmussen poll.


--People like their current plans and don't believe the President when he says they will get to keep them. Clearly, the shifts in the overall system will inevitably change everyone's plans.

--Congress continues to exempt itself. If the new system is so great, why won't Congress subject its own members to it?

--Rationing by government fiat is inevitable when the money runs tight. No one is claiming that rationing is currently planned, It is simply inevitable in the planned system. Goodbye Grandma, you're not productive enough for that new hip.

--Free abortions are part of the plan. Great public policy, eh? Sunday, I saw a wonderful Christian singer who was the product of a rape. Should he have been deprived of life? Should be world have been deprived of a good man? Aren't you glad your mother did not abort you?

--Free health care for illegals.

--The bills contain racially discriminatory provisions according to the US Commission on Civil Rights.

--At least one of the current proposals would outlaw private individual insurance.

--Government funded health care will send the deficit higher and higher. Obama claims that government health care will "save money" is simply not believable. It certainly will not save the government money.

--By taking the free market out of health care, government will do what government does best: stifle innovation. One size fits all (except members of Congress, of course).

--No one believes their Congressperson has read the entire bill and understands it. Everyone understands that the devil is in the details, details about which the members of Congress remain clueless. Hotair.com has been featuring a series or analyses by bloggers as they can get through the bills. It takes time. Lots of time. The language of the bills, like all legislation is ponderous with sections many pages removed from each other having an interaction of sorts.

Update: From all reports the Obama Town Hall today turns into a cheering party (worship service). It was packed with supporters, and the occaissional token Republican. It phoniness was so obvious that only a Democrat would not be embarrassed.

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