Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sheila Jackson-Lee: Arrogance in Action

Just when we thought the arrogance of the Congressional elites could not get any worse. Watch this:

Sheila Jackson-Lee really displays her true level of respect for her constituents. I hope her next election opponent plays this over and over and over.

Update: CBS reports that a New Jersey teacher was fined $22,000 for a four minute cell phone conversation while on duty. What will happen to Sheila Jackson-Lee for the same offense?

Update 2: Was Ms. Jackson-Lee rude. I conclude that she is simply a rude person judging from the following interview -- watch her behavior:

I call her question answering technique a filibuster. Don't answer the question, but keep talking and talking and talking until you wear the questioner out or divert the questioner to a new topic.

Yes, it is rude.

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