Friday, August 14, 2009

Sherrod Brown: "Sniveling Coward"

I don't know how this guy got elected except this is last name is "Brown" which is a magic name in Ohio. Before being a Senator, he was the worst Secretary of State I have experienced in 35 years of dealing with that office. His people were uncommonly rude and incompetent. But I digress.

Sherrod Brown has been ducking those who want to question the Congressional hell care bills which he supports.

Senator Brown's office received many calls asking when he was going to hold a town hall. Intending to deceive the public, his constituents, his office denied that he was having any town halls. What they did not say is the Sen. Brown planned a "Roundtable" which is exactly like a town hall, but called by a different name. You see, by calling ti something different he could round up supporters for it before Hell Care opponents learned about the meeting. The truth is that he has already made up his mind and does not really want to know what the opposition has to say.

These videos say it all, first the "sniveling coward" video:

What a piece of work, Brown is! We don't need no stinking questions!

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