Friday, August 28, 2009

ABC Displays Its Partisanship

ABC has refused to run an anti-Obamacare ad because, according to ABC, it is "partisan." Wow. Since when is that a reason not to run a paid political ad?

It would break new ground to refuse to run an political ad that was demonstrabley false, much less "partisan."

The ad is straighforward. It favors neither Democrats nor Republicans. It never mentions party -- and there are plenty in both parties who oppose Obamacare. Here is the ad. You decide if it is "partisan."

As a private company, ABC has the right to refuse any ad it wants to. But, please ABC, don't blow smoke up our butts and give us a phony reason for refusing the ad. Tell us the truth: you are in the tank for the left wing of the Democratic party and the far left wants Obamacare. So you dive into the tank, including your 30 minute Obamacare infomercial.

Good Morning America's Diane Sawyer swore that ABC's much-scrutinized health care special with President Obama "won't be an infomercial." She also seriously touted the objectivity of the network, cheering, "I know that our network has worked very, very hard to be completely- completely responsible and fair and serious about big issues."

Now, two months later, here is ABC being responsible -- by refusing to allow paid debate on the big issue of health care reform.

With this sort of comradeship, oops I mean "partisanship," at the corporate level, how can your news teams have any journalistic credibility? Hint: Other than John Stossel, they don't unless you are comparing them to MSNBC.

Readers: Take this rejected ad and share it far and wide. Do for America what ABC refused to do.

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