Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bearded Marxist Christ Coons Promises to Be Harry Reid's Pet

In a fund raising letter to supporters, Bearded Marxist": Chris Coon running for the Senate in Delaware promises to be a reliable Democrat vote for all things Democrat in the lame duck session to follow the mid term election. He us running for the seat vacated by Gaff-a-Day Joe Biden and if he ins, he will be seated immediately after the election. (If Christine O'Donnell wins, there is no telling how long the Democrat leadership will stall seating her.)

Mr. Coons's fund-raising letter is essentially a promise to become Harry Reid's pet, as Harry Reid himself predicted. Chris Coons has denied that he would occupy pet status, but obviously his fundraising letter says otherwise.

Just another Democrat lying to get elected, I guess.

By the way, he denies that he really was a Marxist:
“I'm not a Marxist, I've never held Marxist ideas,” he said. “I believe strongly in the free enterprise system and have worked hard for eight years in one of Delaware's most innovative, private sector manufacturing firms and have a good and strong working relationship with the private sector as county executive.”
Do you believe him? Or is this just another lie to get elected?


Anonymous said...

He seems like a voice of reason and clear thoughts.

Conservatarian said...

Can't be. I am the Voice of Reason around here.!

Seriously, aren't you concerned about the three lawsuits alleging that he retaliated against county employees who supported his political opponents? One might be a fluke. Two might be a mistake. But three?

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