Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Erik Scott Inquest to Begin Tomorrow

Both sides have circled their wagons. But note the following allegedly from the dispatcher's 911 transcript:

2V16: He pulled a 413 and pointed it in my direction. (19:38)
A 413 is a gun.

That statement was apparently made nearly 30 minutes after the "shots fired" report. However, if that statement is true and believed, the coroner will find that the shooting was justified.

Memo to everyone: If you find yourself in a situation where the police are pointing guns at you and yelling, maybe yelling confusing and contradictory instructions (as claimed by the Scott family), put your hands up and empty in plain sight and drop slowly to a passive position on your knees then your stomach, keeping your empty hands visible and away from your body. Do not give the officers any reason to fear for their own safety or the safety of other officers or others who may be nearby. Do not mouth-off at the officers but be obviously compliant and subservient ... for your own safety. Do that no matter how right you may think you are or how unfair you think the officers may be.

You may be dead right, but dead.

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Anonymous said...

The Scott family was not present at the shooting as far as I know. They cannot give an accurate accounting of anything that happened.
What Scott should have done was put his hands up, as directed. He was only directed to drop the gun after he had it in hand.
Why paint the officer's as criminals?
My husband is a Metro officer and my brother a HPD officer. Both have been in shootings, my husband in two. Believe me, it's easy to Monday morning quarterback what the Officer's should do. But when you are in fear for your own life, you are taught to react. Not wait to be shot first.
How are the officers to know what Scott's intent was? Were they to risk their lives and assume maybe he was handing over the weapon? That gamble could have cost them their lives.
Any reasonably prudent person would know not to draw their weapon. If he was military and also had a CCW he was well taught how to respond to police. He did the complete opposite.
Scott clearly had a problem with prescription medication. Perhaps he opted to do suicide by cop as many do because of the "pain" he had been experiencing and medicating for for so many years.
The Scott family has painted him as an angel. The fact that he may have been in an altered state must have had an effect on his behavior that day.
It's a shame he is dead of course. Officer's take no pleasure in ending a life. Believe me, I know. My husband does not feel good about the lives he's taken. But having him home with myself and our 4 children. I'm glad he didn't gamble with his life when it came to a split second decision.

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