Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FBI Report: More Guns, Less Crime

The 2009 FBI report on crime is out. Violent crime is down. Murder declined 7.3 percent, robberies fell 8 percent, aggravated assault dropped by 4.2 percent and forcible rape has declined 2.6 percent.

In 2009 gun sales reached record levels thanks to Gun Salesman of the Year Barack Obama. Concealed carry rights have been expanding steadily.

I am sure the gun-grabbers will argue that the crime statistics are unrelated to the increased ownership and carrying of firearms. Here is what they cannot argue with: Their hysterical predictions of "blood in the streets" with every expansion of concealed carry simply has not come true. (They may deny that they were hysterical, but they surely sounded hysterical to me.)

Here are facts: We have more gun ownership in America. We have less crime. We do not have blood in the streets from concealed carry holders.

Do not expect gun-grabbers to be deterred by facts.

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