Friday, September 24, 2010

Redfern Proves: Ohio Democratic Party Officially the Party of Hate

I received another email from Chris Redfern who continues to be defiant about his hate speech in which he used profane language to describe the tea partiers. The email asks for $10 donations to support his hate-filled rhetoric and positions. Link here.

Ohio Democrats should be ashamed of this guy. At lest the Strickland campaign is distincing itslef form Mr. Redfern's foul mouthed, hate filled remarks:
Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland said he didn’t know specifics but called language such as that Redfern used “inappropriate.”

“We can be critical but we can also be respectful,” Strickland said.
Source: Dayton Daily News.

I cold not locate any statements by which Richard Cordray distanced himself form the hate-monger Chris Redfern. Is silence an endorsement of the hate? I hope not. I generally prefer Richard Cordray over the anti-gun Mike Dewine.

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