Thursday, September 23, 2010

Erik Scott Inquest Day One

I cannot attend Erik Scott's inquest and don't have the time to moniter it real time. I wish I could. All I can do is give some links and an outsider's view, as a lawyer myself. I understand that FoxNews5 is streaming the video of the inquest here.

We don't have coroner's inquests in Ohio. Apparently a seven member jury has been impaneled.
"The jury's role is to determine whether the death was justifiable, excusable or criminal. Excusable death is accidental, justifiable is self-defense or defense of another against action that is apparent or dangerous. Anything outside those two is criminal," said prosecutor Chris Owens.
Source: 8News Now, which has excellent print (and video) coverage of the first day. FoxNews5 also has interesting print coverage with some additional information not in the other reports.

Also from 8News Now:
Costco employee Colleen Kullberg took the stand late Wednesday and said she saw Scott as he was confronted by police outside the store. She says she saw Scott pull his gun from his waistband and aim it at officers before being shot.
If that evidence is believed, case closed. The shooting will be found to be justifiable. Even if there is contrary evidence, will the prosecutor present it? The Scott family, as I understand the process, has no opportunity to present witnesses.

There will be no surveillance video showing exactly what happened, because police say the hard drive was corrupted rendering the video unusable.

Other reports: 13Action News

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