Monday, September 20, 2010

When Spin Becomes a Lie

At what point does spin become a lie?

The culture in Washington accepts spin on many issues. To some extent, spin is inherent in a point of view -- a half full, half empty sort of thing. Racial quotas may be viewed as giving a leg up to the historically downtrodden or as reverse racial discrimination. It is certainly both, but the point of view determines the spin.

At some point, though, spin becomes a lie.

The Democrats on Congress are accusing Republicans of preventing a "middle class tax cut" by insisting that all the previous so-called Bush tax cuts be extended, including those benefiting higher income taxpayers. Calling the refusal to extend current tax policy amounts to a tax increase for all affected taxpayers. The Democrat claim that extending the current policy is a "tax cut for the wealthy" is not just spin anymore. It is a lie.

Extending current policy is not and cannot truthfully be called a "cut." The truth is that taxpayers will suffer an increase if Congress does not act. Democrats want to increase taxes on anyone they can characterize (including mis-characterize) as the wealthy. Democrats want bigger government. Democrats want more money in government coffers to spread to their friends. Democrats will lie to accomplish that end, while perhaps justifying the lie as "spin."

My message to Republicans is simple. You can't cooperate with liars. If you lie down in excrement, you will come up smelling of excrement.

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