Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Immigration Reform Needed Now!

This weekend, my wife and I visited a Hispanic grocery to obtain the ingredients of a favorite dish. Music was playing and the place was bustling. I was reminded of the positive contributions that Hispanics and particularly Mexicans have brought to the American culture.

The failure of our Federal government to adopt a reasonable and comprehensive immigration policy is a true horror show for people of good will. Immigration of people who want a better life and who want to join our culture should be greatly simplified. Eliminate the "coyotes" that pray on people who simply cannot navigate through the excessive red tape. I am not talking about making it easy for folks who come from cultures that want to kill us. I think the process should discriminate making it admission more rigorous for would be immigrants from Islamic cultures, to weed out likely radicals. But our personal experience with weird, arcane laws for immigration of people with sought-after skills persuades us that the current system is horribly broken.

Immigration is good. Illegal immigration is bad. A system that encourages illegal immigration is stupid. Fix the system.

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