Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cleveland Thinks Its Residents Are Stupid: Drew, Where Are You When We Need You?

The City of Cleveland thinks it has reseidents stupid enough to "voluntarily register" their hand guns. The registry serves no actual public need. No criminals are likely to register.

To make matters worse, the registration process is awkward:
Applicants will need to bring photo identification, specifically a government issued drivers license, passport, Ohio identification card, or military identification.

All applicants should bring all handguns unloaded and securely wrapped to the police district of their choice.

A police officer will verify the applicant's identification, verify the make, model. caliber, and serial number of the weapon and do a record check on the gun.
Why would anyone want to go to all that trouble to tell the City they have firearms for their self protection? Registration is a typical prelude to confiscation. Cleveland Residents, the City thinks you are too stupid to think this through.

The Buckeye firearms Association is organizing a postcard protest discussed here.

Cleveland offers no reason or incentive to register hand guns. Cleveland residents are urged to ignore this "voluntary registration." And vote out of office whoever voted for this dumb ordinance.

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