Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chris Redfern Spews Hate in Ohio

After the Ohio Democratic Party Chairman dropped the f-bomb to describe tea partiers there was a small media frenzy. Then the Ohio Democratic party sent out an email to its supporters refusing to apologize and spreading hate of the tea parties.

Christ Redfern is an unapologetic, foul-mouthed hater. He hates everything that the tea parties stand for: smaller government and less spending. Not only that, he hates the people who make up the tea parties. He deliberately incites hate of the people who support tea parties in his speech and in his email.

Any Democrat that follows Chris Redfrern's lead deserves to lose in November. This guy is about hating people who disagree with him, pure and simple.


Party Chairman said...

Of all the socialist antics, we just couldn't resist this one. In proper capitalist fashion, we created a website and a third party. We already have one shirt for sale.

It will be interesting to see the libs reaction once they realize it’s there. We created a Twitter account so everyone can watch.

Conservatarian said...

Yes, it is funny. But the word is offensive. I don't like the sound of it even in jest.

Mr. Redfern is a nasty piece of work. If he were the chairman of a party I supported, I would be calling for his ouster.

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