Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sexual Harassment Complaint: Ines Sainz

The New York Jets are being investigated for the sexual harassment of a female sports reporter, Ines Sainz, covering the game for Azteca.

Here is a Fox News interview with Ms. Sainz:

Is it just me, or does Ms. Sainz invite sexual comment by her provocative manner of dress? It ain't a claim of rape, folks. In her defense, it appears that she did not actually make the complaint. It was made on her behalf by some women's sports writers group after Ms. Sainz reported feeling uncomfortable. Here is her odd statement:

“I personally believe that if (NFL security) find that (Jets players) are very aggressive in the way they speak about me, yes they deserve (punishment),” Sainz said in an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America.

“But I’m not sure it happened.”

She also said,
“It was an uncomfortable moment because you are in the team’s dressing room and they are obviously changing clothes, showering — doing what they do every day in the locker room,” Sainz said to the AP. “So being a woman, obviously it was a bit uncomfortable.”
Hello. It was a locker room. That is where players change their clothes. A few years back, the forces of political correctness required football teams to open their locker rooms to women reporters. Now, the reporter can claim she was uncomfortable because the players were undressed?

In my view, if you don't want to be treated like a hooker, don't dress like a hooker.

Source: Daily caller.

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Anonymous said...

Its a little slow to think that a woman like this was hired despite how she dressed. If they arent putting her directly into the clothes they are dictating the style. The network enjoys that she dresses that way the market her in this fashion or promote the way she markets herself. They understand that when a woman like Ines Sainz walk into a locker room the players will respond....which is what they did. Yeah its sucks the way things are moving but this is the woman the world enjoys. Now if this is the type of woman so readily requested we cant just say "you deserve it because you ask for it." We have to look at the world and say this is what your asking for but theres a perimeter and you can not cross those lines. Or we can go back to the day this problem begun and the network can hire one of the other girls that showed up, the one in the loosely fitted Hilary Clinton pant suit and Joy Beyhar hair cut.

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