Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eliminate All Liquor License Quotas Now!

Unless you think you need Massa Gummint to protect you from yourself and protect you cradle to grave, because you are too stupid or incompetent, you ought to see that ALL liquor licensing is a really bad idea. It raises the cost, not only of liquor, but all restaurant food in establishments that need to sell liquor.

Liquor license are valuable, because they are artificially scarce. Why should liquor licenses be limited by population. Big Brother is not protecting the public, Big Brother is protecting the licensees by limiting your choices.

This is not a tax issues. Or maybe it is, Since Big Brother is taxing sales of all kinds, an increase in restaurants will increase tax revenues. All consumers are better off. The favored few who currently hold licenses would face more competition, of course. Boo hoo.

Here is a related story from Virginia which is looking at privatizing liquor stores:

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