Thursday, September 23, 2010

Congress Wants Our Homes More Hazardous

My iwfe and I went to the Ohio State Fair. In oone of the buildings, there was a display with a hand generator. Turn the crank and light the bulb. The crank was harder to turn lighting the incandescent bulb than the CFL bulb.

I told the young lady pushing the display that it was too bad the CFL bulbs were so dangerous, containing mercury. I told here that is why I did not want to have those bulbs in my house. Her expression? Clueless. And priceless.

As the Daily Caller reports:
Here’s the problem: CFLs contain mercury, which, in high concentrations, is poisonous. When a bulb is in use, it’s a non-issue, since the mercury is safely contained in the glass tubes. But when a light bulb comes to the end of its life, whether by natural or violent causes, things get tricky.

If a light bulb breaks, as The Daily Caller reported last week, you basically have to call out the HAZMAT team. Sometimes, light bulbs simply fizzle out and die. At which point you probably climb up on a ladder, unscrew the bulb, replace it with another one, and dump the old one in a trash can.
Congress wants us to use hazardous CFL bulbs in our homes? Morons.

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