Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Should We Kill All The Mosquitoes?

From the Daily Caller:
Imagine there are no mosquitoes – it isn’t hard to do. No welts to itch or scratch and no malaria too.

An article in the scientific journal Nature has set off a discussion about whether it is advisable or even feasible to kill the world’s mosquitoes.
Those opposed to killing all the mosquitoes,

“It is an ecologically unwise idea to mess with Mother Nature, and wiping out the entirety of any species would almost certainly have negative — and even deadly — repercussions for other species,” said Jaime Zalac, a spokeswoman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Another animal rights proponent, Jerry Vlasak, spokesman for the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, went further.

“They would have us believe it’s either the mosquitoes or us. That’s just not the case. For one thing, there are way too many people on the planet,” Vlasak said.
Excuse me? Is he really saying that it is better for mosquitoes to kill us than for us to kill them?

He may be right to some extent. There are way too many animal rights activists and progressives on this planet. Now, if we could get the mosquitoes to target just the right people....

I would settle for killing all of the mosquitoes in my back yard.

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